What are Adaptogens?

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Adaptogens are plant-based elements. They act as a back-up for the body's natural ability to tackle stress. Their name is self-explanatory. Adaptogens can conform and work according to your bodies' specific needs. They are important for your overall health and well-being. Acting at the cellular level, they help restore balance:

  • Physiologically,

  • Biologically, and

  • Chemically

Stress can be extremely beneficial, but only when it acts as a driving force. It initiates your body’s ‘fight or flight’ response when subjected to risk or threats. For example, a piece of broken glass lying on the floor is a threat (stress agent) to your feet. You must pick it up to avoid injuring yourself or your loved ones (the fight-flight mechanism).

When stress starts to affect your everyday life activities, it becomes a problem. The not-so-healthy condition may develop into a state of ill-health. Severe or chronic stress can directly cause depression, panic attacks, anxiety, and other behavioral issues. If left untreated, chronic stress results in the development of physical ailments—for example, heart disease, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, and so on.

There is hardly anyone who could claim to live a stress-free life. People have different ways of handling stress. Some may go on an eat-what-you-can spree while others may go bungee jumping. Before you decide to get on with any such excursions, take a look at what adaptogens can do for you.

What’s the deal with adaptogens?

Traditional medicine is well on its way back into our lives. The buzz word for modern-day wellness gurus you keep hearing about is ‘adaptogens’. How do you like the idea of:

  • waking up fresh in the morning

  • taking on tasks with exuberance

  • spending an energized afternoon with family

  • flaunting glowing skin and a rejuvenated spirit

Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that's what research of adaptogenic herbs shows.

Adaptogens act as modifiers of our stress response pathways. They help us cope via adapt-and-survive mechanisms against specific stressor elements. Besides that, they exert excellent healing and immune-supportive properties.

What makes a herb an adaptogen?

What makes these herbal ingredients have such powerful benefits and seem almost magical?

The health experts define adaptogens as any plant-based substance that:

is non-toxic

does not disturb body function

has the ability to influence bodily systems

enhances the body’s resistance to physical, chemical, or biological agents

has a stabilizing and regulating effect on a disease state

The history of adaptogens