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What is Jua?

Jua Herbs logo with a happy woman

Jua in its literal sense means sun, sunshine, or to know in Swahili. The Swahili language is native to Africa and has been around for centuries.

To us here at Jua Herbs, the sun means happiness.

So why build a brand around happiness?

Because 79% of Americans (8 in 10 people) feel stressed during the day and 41% of U.S. adults say that they lack the time they need to do things they want.

Whether it’s stress or time-pressure, these feelings have become common in our culture. Stress can put a strain on your relationships, negatively affect your motivation at work, and quite simply put a gray cloud over your head.

There’s actual science behind the sun making us happier.

The sun truly elevates your mood.

Sunshine boosts your serotonin levels, your body’s natural happy hormone. This is why we feel happier and more energetic when the sun is shining.

Waking up to natural light can also help you feel more positive throughout the day.

Studies show that exposure to sunshine regularly can stave off moderate depression and decrease the risk of seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

Okay, but what about Jua's other meaning, “to know”?

Jua’s dual meanings “sun” and “to know” are more closely linked than we realize.

There’s this famous line in the movie Scarface where Tony (Al Pacino) is driving his car at night and telling Manny that a girl likes him. Manny questions how he’s so sure and Tony justifies his claim by saying, “The eyes, chico. They never lie.”

scarface movie scene the eyes chico they never lie

Furthermore, don’t eyes look more beautiful in the sun?

hazel golden hour eyes in the sun

This is where the dual meanings of ‘sun’ and ‘to know’ merge.

Not only can clear eyes better see the light in others, but the eyes hold the depths of your soul and all of your truths.

In many cultures, the sun also symbolizes the light of knowledge. The sun we see in the sky is the same light that shines within you.

The ability to illuminate beauty, the truth, and what is real shows the immense power of the sun.

Come Home To Yourself.

Jua is an homage to the sun and our slogan, “Come home to yourself” is a rallying cry to remember what’s important.

There are many stressors in your life that are trying to bring you away from who you want to be. New stressors always seem to pop up to try and bog you down.

We completely understand this because we’re just like you. We know how easy it can be to lose sight of what’s truly important.

We urge you to ask yourself, what is the real goal of my life? How would I really like to live? Consistently remind yourself of your truth. Remember to come home to yourself.

All You Need To Know

Everything we aspire to do here at Jua is to share the exuberance for life. We want you to live in the light of truth, love, and optimism.

This is your one precious life. Enjoy it.


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